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White T-shirt 'Emperor Dusan the Mighty'
9.99 EUR or 12.49 US$ or 1090.00 din
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White T-shirt "Emperor Dusan the Mighty"

White T-shirt with print across almost the entire front side on which is a phenomenal illustration of Emperor Dusan the Mighty. In the background is a map of Dusan's empire (around 1350).

Stefan Uroš IV Dušan Nemanjić, also known as Stefan Dušan or Dušan Silni, was the Serbian medieval king and the first emperor of the Serbian state. Dusan was one of the most powerful rulers of Europe and the most powerful ruler of the Serbian Middle Ages.
Dušan has overthrown his father Stefan Decanski. Significantly expanded the borders of the Serbian state to the south, all the way to the Gulf of Corinth, taking advantage of internal commotion in Byzantium. After the conquest of the great Byzantine territories, Stefan Dusan declared himself king of the Serbs and Romeians, elevated the Serbian church from the ranks of the Archbishopric to the patriarchate rank, so that the first Serbian patriarch Joanikije would crown him.
He is known for making Dushan's Code, the most important Serbian medieval legal act.

T-shirt color: white
Material: 100% cotton

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