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Group JNA - There is only one black and white team (CD)
5.99 EUR or 6.89 US$ or 599.00 din
4.99 EUR or 5.74 US$ or 499.03 din
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Group JNA - There is only one black and white team (CD)

Group JNA is band dedicated to Partizan and Gravediggers. The band was founded in 2010th year. That same year group recorded a single titled "Black and white scarf".

Track list:
1. Crno-beli šal
2. Za Partizan
3. Najbolji tim
4. Grobari to smo mi
5. Stoku na jug
6. Ceo život veran tebi
7. Jedan je crno-beli tim
8. Samo za tebe srce mi kuca
9. Dajte gol
10. Kad ja pođoh na stadion JNA
11. Samo jedan klub na svetu celom
12. Humska ulica
13. I na mesecu da igraš znaj da tu ću poći ja

+ Bonus tracks
14. Fudbalski to je hram
15. O Suzana, ja volim Partizana

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